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OMNI 4000/7000 Series

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The OMNI Series 4000/7000 flow computer combines decades of metering experience and delivers primary liquid and/or gas US customary and metric calculations in a single program. It parallels the hugely popular OMNI 3000/6000 to provide the same reliable and project lifecycle guarantees. The 4000/7000 is ideal for pipeline systems and critical infra-structure projects where cyber-security and programming control are core requirements.

The Series 4000/7000, just like every OMNI built in the last 25 years, is factory-programmed and user-configurable. We believe that our program testing prior to factory release exceeds any project-oriented, customized programmable device. Only OMNI provides secure factory programming, testing, and verification. Only field configuration is required to install, operate, and maintain the OMNI 4000/7000.

With full programming traceability from factory to operation, the OMNI 4000/7000 is the only flow computer to have received the European MID/WELMEC WG7.2, issue 6, extension D approval. This means that any programming modifications and upgrades after original factory release are controlled and traceable in accordance with metrology regulations. OMNI is an assurance partner for your Management of Change.


  • Enhanced functionality with a simplified user interface and powerful software
  • Powerful, robust, embedded, real-time operating system
  • Fast access to critical data when you have remote connections like PLCs, DCSs, or SCADA systems
  • 365+ days of batch storage
  • Searchable database
  • Enhanced security for protection against cyber intrusions
  • Individual user IDs and passwords for enhanced security